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Oct 3, 2007

Newest Fantasy?

A coffee shop and beer/wine place. Desserts, limited selection of non dessert edibles. Like salads, a few sandwiches, not a lot. Wait, wait! Even better, hummus, garlicky, good guacamole. All appetizers. Hmmm... a variety of dip things, pigs in a blanket, cheese balls, bruschetta, cheese plate, grilled asparagus with aioli, good olives...

Like a comfortable cocktail party at a good friends house. Maybe live music in the evenings, on the weekends. Like a comfortable kitchen, warm, friendly, good place to hang out and have a conversation, has to be child friendly, too, for the day time. A couch or two. A big huge magnetic white board on the wall, letter magnets for kids, grown up poetry words for grown ups.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches- white or wheat, crust or no crust- cheese, too. Open until rather late, maybe midnight. Not rowdy- just easy. Gay and Lesbian friendly, of course. Wanna kiss your partner in public, just hold her hand... come on in.

Maybe after I win the lottery. Yeah, that's it...


Beth said...

It actually sounds just like the coffee shop I used to go to in my neighborhood. Well, they didn't have beer and wine there, but they had a lot of those other things you mention! Sadly, the owner closed it... after she had a baby, I think it was too hard to supervise her staff and therefore make money.

Anonymous said...

In St. Albans, VT, there was (might still be but they'd relocated and killed the original charm anyways) a used bookstore/cafe/poetry house called "The Kept Writer" - which, frankly, I think is the best name. Ever. Anyways, in its original incarnation, it was in a little side basement shop and it was small and there were typewriters on every table. They sold sandwiches, coffee, and baked goods and they had theee most awesome, if small-scale, selection of inexpensive used books in the room adjacent to it. They also hosted literary nights and poetry readings and had community bulletins. It was heaven.

I dream of owning that place.

Tricia said...

We used to dream of a bookstore/cafe- calling it 'Women and Children First' specializing in women and children's books new and used. Or maybe a deli, now this...

FosterMommy said...

I have the dream stores, too.
Used to be a holistic-oriented pet supply store.
Now it's an "attachment parenting"-style kids store. Selling cloth diapers, slings, good no-batteries toys, glass bottles, breastpumps, etc. If I had the start-up costs, I might do it.

My never-in-a-million-years dream is a restaurant specializing in "Top 8 Allergen-free" foods. Somewhere where my little Squeak could eat when he grows up. I'm not the cook for that, though. Maybe I can sell someone on the idea...?