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Oct 1, 2007

First Impressions

The first time I can remember? We were at a meeting and she left, crying. It was a high stress situation- but I can remember thinking "what drama, please". And then I found out what else was happening in her life...

From there- there were little bits and pieces, rumors, glimpses...I had other thoughts "closed minded, born and stayed in a small town, stiff, uptight, unapproachable".

WRONG! All of it!

I'm not proud of thinking these things. I'm glad I did not contribute to the rumor mill with my thoughts- just for the record, I usually don't. I'm glad I allowed myself to have my first impressions changed.


Smart, well-read, funny as hell, quick, educated, always learning, thinking, opening, welcome, thoughtful, helpful, sweet, kind, generous, racous, a little bit crazy...

There was a joke- about a plug- an inside joke...it makes me think about the three prong adapter- The kind you use when you need to plug a three prong plug into a two prong outlet...Which led me to her being adaptable and also how she is sometimes a bridge for other relationships, other things, for many people.

I'm glad I got to know her and I count her as one of my friends.

Thanks for letting me in.

Don't kill me, kay?

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Sheesha said...

I always love when my first impression is updated in a nice way!....