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May 7, 2007


There is something odd going on when only taking five kids, under the age of five, grocery shopping is better than taking all eight... Grrrrrr...... And then when they want to help unload the van and promise to take only one gallon of milk in at a time and then forget, and walk around the house with one because they have dropped the other one- "but, it's okay mama I can clean it all up" said while making a grand sweeping motion with both arms over the floor- while thank you very much, I am just trying to finally pee and make sure I haven't hemorrhaged all over... Double Grrrr... And then you have to clean it all with a mop several times on the hardwood floor while the babies are trying to play in it and one has poopy pants and the other is writhing around on the floor because she still wants to be held when she drinks her bottle that she is never going to give up and please just take the babies outside and play with them until I get this cleaned up while the groceries melt because it is 85 out and...and...

What did you do today, honey???


Sandy. said...

Sounds like another day in paradise to me. :)

Really, days like that are funny. Okay, maybe not right now, but soon. I promise.


cole said...


Wow. Yea. um. a-hem. That sucks.

I am feelin ya on the have to pee thing cause what a pain it is to pee at the store and it always is dirty and smelly and eveyone has to come in and you hold it until you get home and then they won't get out of the car and you have to unbuckle the seats and you are going to totally piss yourself as sure as the sun shines but you get your key in the door and you push one down and vault over the other to the bathroom only to find that one of them beat you there and are sitting on the pot proudly proclaiming they are going poop.

So you pee your pants a little bit and trudge upstairs.

I swear, I must keep track of how much I need to actually torture them when they are teenagers.

MommyNay said...

Hey! Your day sounds like my day! :D

Tricia said...

It's funny already- but of course you know that this was only about 1/32 of my day, right?

Tricia said...

Oh yeah, and Cole, unfortunately my kids already know that it doesn't take much for me to pee my pants, so they stay out of the way. And thankfully, we have four bathrooms to choose from, so they have to hike their little hiney's up them stairs! :)

Sheesha said...

Oh my gosh! And I thought my frustrating time at Kmart was bad! Thanks for helping me see the bright side!