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Apr 17, 2007

It is another

I wandered around the bloglands in my attempt to catch up on those I keep tabs on, and happened upon this Meme. The unknown from the relatively unknown (whose writing I happen to admire very much), made me curious, a challenge of sorts, so I had to do it, of course. It's roots start with Mr. Fabulous

Questions from Cole:

1. Who was the best sex you ever had and why?

Hmmmmm...Well...I'm such a fuddy duddy, I'd truly have to say the wife. There were a few folks before, but she's the one. Why? well, because she's the one...

2. Given a choice between sleeping in late or getting up early to do something fun..which would it be?

No question. Sleep In! I absolutely love to sleep in in the morning. I swear my best sleep time is from 4am to 10 am! But, I would want a real sleep in. Not the, everybody is up and everywhere making noise and I doze on and off for a few and then get up at 8, kind of sleep in.

3. Your math skills leave something to be desired...4 +4 =10? Keeping that in mind, did you do your own taxes this year or do you have them professionally done and do you save it for the last moment (like me!) or are you done months in advance?

I have no income so I do not do my own taxes, however, I do do Kärin's, therefore our taxes. Since we are living in sin, we have to file separately. I use Turbo Tax. This year I filed a month or so in advance- I try not to wait for the last minute.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

I have always wanted to live in Mexico- go figure. I've never even been. How sad is that? We've considered Canada simply due to politics.

5. Some laws in our country suck the big green wienie...which would you change and how would it affect you personally, our country and the world?

Oh my. First? In light of recent events (and too many past ones). Gun control or really just get rid of the damn things. I don't want them to be controlled really, just abolish them except for law enforcement, perhaps.
Then there are all the gay and lesbian issues. Gay marriage. Equal rights.
Can I make new laws? This could really go on and on. Foster care, mandatory sterilization for parents whose parental rights have been terminated for a child... (Yes, I know this is way right wing thinking and the ACLU would never stand for it, but I still think it should happen- there are plenty of children in the foster care system that these folks -fathers too- can raise once they are clean and sober...). I'll stop now.

So, if you want to keep this going…follow the instructions below and make a comment and ask to be interviewed and I will come up with something to ask you.

1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your weblog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


cole said...

I like your law ideas...get on that will ya? The whole gay marriage issue is one that baffles me totally. WHY OH WHY do other people care who wants to marry who? I just love it (not) when people argue that it ruins the sacredness of marriage. Um, excuse the heterosexual, but, um, hmmm...lets see...Oh gosh Britney Spears has really just been a shining example of marriage and how lovely and sacred it is. There are so many others...including my parents who between the 2 of them were married 5 fucking times. Oh yea...they were all in churches, how sacred and beautiful. Grrrrrrrrr.

OH, and y ou have never been to Mexico? You live in California? That is a little weird. Get on that one too!

Anonymous said...

gosh I'm so glad my mother wasn't sterilized after she lost rights to my two older brothers. and gosh I don't know what I'd do without the youngest boys either, i'm glad she wasn't sterilized after she lost me too.
-a very insulted reader

Sheesha said...

I guess insulted reader has no idea that you've adopted 5 kids from parents who lost there rights as well.... Maybe mandatory sterilization is a bit strong, but for the sake of children left in the "system" is it really fair? There should be some sort of mandating...She being one of 5 (or so) siblings who obviously were raised by someone other then her own parents? Apparently she doesn't see the irony in her own comments. Why do women continue having (4 or 5)children when they don't take care of the ones they have - give me a break!

Rae said...

"insulted reader" DOES know that Tricia adopted children, and "insulted reader" deeply respects Tricia and the person she is, as well as the mother she is.
"Insulted reader" speaks from the heart of a child who beleives she was meant to be here, no matter who brought her into this world. "Insulted reader" beleives her siblings were meant to be in the world too. Each soul brought into this world came with a purpose, and were meant to be with the family they ended up with. I suffered at the hands of my birth mother and I will never forget what she did. However, I would not trade the life I was given because she brought me into this world. As a woman who was sterilized against her will, because of a disease that I didn't ask for......and who has to deal with the consequence sand feelings of being a sterile woman every single day of my life...I would never wish it upon anyone. I find my words neither cause for spite or ironic. The words I read just touched me in a different way because I stand on the other side of the fence. I respect Tricia no less, and I will read her blog no less. I am not attacking, I am not littering my post with sarcasm. I just merely wanted to ask her to see it from my angle for a second. But at the same time, I respect her reasoning and opinion. We are all entitled to our feelings and our opinions, especially on a blog. I guess it just came across to me as a cut across my heart to think that some feel that way. I'd like to beleive that I'm here for a reason, even if my mother did drugs while she was pregnant, bound her stomach so she wouldn't show, drank, and threw me against walls to stop my crying. I'd choose a shitty beginning over no life at all any day.
I guess everyone looks at everything from a different angle. This just happens to be mine.
You are a good mom Tricia, and I love reading your blog.

Tricia said...

I'm glad to see a name. And as my most recent post mentions- that you are here. I am sorry for your loss.

"Each soul brought into this world came with a purpose, and were meant to be with the family they ended up with."


And, for the record, my post today did not come from anger either. I felt your hurt and just wanted to explain a little more where I was coming from.

cole edwards said...


Tricia, I respect you so much for writing about all this.

Rae, I think your story was very sad indeed. I was glad to read your response to your first comment.

I saw it as Tricia stating that it would be nice to avoid all that pain and to protect children. I didn't get that it was a slight against the children being born but more a statement about the carelessness that some people take when they bring people into the world. I for one would rather anything have happened than to know that a child is so damaged by age 5 that they are a serious danger to other children and themselves..what kind of life is that?

I think as parents and people that care about children in general, you would prefer for them not to suffer. It is impossible to erase what has happened to some children and they, unlike you Rae, are damaged forever.I don't know if I wouldn't want someone to be born but I sure would like to remove the option of bringing children into the world to people that habitually abuse, neglect, damage, injur, disable and harm children. Truly, I felt Tricia was talking about the parents and not really the children themselves.

Rae, I think you must be very strong and I admire you insight and appreciate it.