If I know you, and you're reading this blog, you have two choices:

1) Feel free to pretend you haven't, should the contents be offensive, sensitive in nature, or just TMI (Too Much Information).
2) Comment freely or talk to me face to face, and be prepared for further honesty and opinions.

Okay? Okay.

Sep 5, 2009


Some people have an open door policy, I have an open mouth policy. I see someone has added color to their hair, I remark about it. I tell people I have drug babies who were adopted out of foster care. I hear someone has died and I say "that sucks". Someone looks like they have lost a lot of weight doesn't look well, I ask if everything is okay.

I have filters, really I do, they just are different than others.

I'm terrible at "small talk". I don't like to lie. I'm not saying I don't, but I don't like to, and try to avoid lying. I'm not the one to ask if that dress looks good on you, if you want an honest answer.

If I am passing an acquaintance, I will generally not ask "how are you?", if I don't have the time to listen to the answer. If I ask, it's because I am generally interested in an honest response- not the typical "good" response.

I'm an oddity. I know.


LeLo said...

"I'm an oddity"...
I find it refreshing. You're real!

Zip n Tizzy said...

And that's what I loved about you from the moment I met you.
But I'm the same way. Have worked hard for the filters I have, but frequently choose not to use them.