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Sep 6, 2009


In two weeks we have four birthdays... Grace (9), Gus (9), Mia (7), and Abe (7).

They're damn cute... the lot of 'em.


Annie said...

I have only ever commented a few times before, have you in my blog reader, you don't know me, hope that's okay...
four birthdays in two weeks is amazing! (we get three birthdays in six weeks amongst my siblings and consider it busy :D)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Do you just put up decorations and leave them there? :)

Happy Birthday to the whole lot of them!

(I loved the tic tac toe birthday thing. Is that a pizza?)

Tricia said...

Annie- all are welcome!

Tracey- Tic-tac-toe bread. He loves it. Piece of bread, white cheese, orange cheese for the grid, sliced olives for the o's and cut up ham or salami for the x's- throw it under the broiler for a touch and voila!