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Aug 13, 2008

The End

Their bodies glisten, shimmering as they emerge from the water, dripping. Pulling themselves up and out. Fingertips, elbows, belly, one knee up- akimbo like, then the other. They hoist themselves, water streaming, to the deck. Laughing, chattering, they leap again.




Summer is almost over. New backpacks for the new kindergardners have arrived, shiny and unstained, embroidered with their first name. A family tradition. Number five and six begin next week. How is that possible?

I look forward to the return of the routine, the schedule. I will miss the easy days of summer, endless breakfast, as they each wake up at their own pace and come to the kitchen. Cleaning up after each breakfast session over and over... well, okay, I won't miss that part.

I can't believe the school year is here.


Tracey said...

I'm in a bit of denial about it, too. I'm not ready for the routine, just yet...

gwendomama said...

i really want to come over for a swim....can i come over?

This Mom said...

School starts tomorrow for my kids, and not a moment too soon for them. Summer will be missed, but definitely not the heat. 5th Grade, here we come!

maejsmom said...

I will have two in school this year! What will I do will 3 hours to myself? If I hear that question ONE MORE TIME.....I think I'll take 3 WHOLE HOURS TO FIGURE IT OUT!

Tess said...

Mine is too but I think it will be nice to listen to all the "quiet"

MommyNay said...

how do you handle the back to school shopping? I only have four kids. 3are starting school. I went to target. I bought new shoes, backpack and two light weight jackets(hoodie type) for child number 1. I bought shoes, back pack lunch box and 8outfits for child number 2. I bought shoes back pack and 5outfits for child number 3. Unbalanced yes but I was trying to stay on a budget and not rebuy anything for a child if they didnt need it. That was 610$ @ Target! Its not like I even went to a department store!!!!
how? What will I do when the fourth joins up and seriously how did you do it with 6in school?

elena jane said...

this was so lovely....and it's too soon. i will miss it all too, i have all five of mine in school...i'm in such denial!

Cindy said...

I would feel a lot less sad if I had that pool! Seriously, routine is better for us. Congrats to your new kindergartners!

Amy said...

Come on, Tricia, we're nearing the end of week #2. Don't be sad . . . write a new post! Post! Post! Post! (But only if you feel like it!)