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Aug 27, 2008

Continuing the Conversation

The twins love to jabber. They will talk about anything, anytime, filling the space with the sound of their own voices... Yesterday, while we drove home from kindergarten, we had part 312 in this conversation . It went like this-

Mia: When I grow up, can I have a baby?

Me: Only if you want to

Mia: Well, if I do, how does my belly know I want to grow a baby?

Me: You get to be in charge of your body and make that decision when you get to be an adult.

Mia: What if I can't get a baby in my belly?

Me: Than you can adopt.

Mia: Does that happen?

Me: Yep. Lots of people want to have a baby grow inside of them but for some reason it doesn't always work.

Abe: What if I want to want to have a baby? I can't because I'm not a girl. Only a girl can have a baby.

Me: That's true, but you could adopt, or if your partner is a girl, then she might want to have a baby by getting pregnant. Or if she doesn't want to get pregnant or can't, then you could adopt.

Abe: Well, but, I'm going to live with you forever, so I think that I will just help Mia take care of her babies and we can still live in our house.

Mia: We'll have to get bigger beds.

Me: You don't have to share a bed. You could be in different beds.

Mia: Oh.

Abe: And then I can help, and you can be one of the grandmas.

Me: Okay.

Mia: If I get to decide when I have a baby, then I want to have one now!

Me: Oh no, you have to wait until you're a grown up.

Mia: Oh, right, okay.

Me... Please, oh, please, wait...


Tracey said...

Sigh... They're so innocent and sweet. And if only it was so easy to just carry a baby in your belly or adopt.

I have a couple of kids that are planning on living with us forever, too. It's gonna be crowded!

Recovering Straight Girl said...

That's so sweet!

Amy said...

Too sweet! (And thank you for finally posting!)

MommyNay said...

backpacks are an adorable idea! With four girls I always think I should buy Olivia and Emily high quality clothes so that I can pass them down--but then I end up at Target or Old Navy and can't pass up the sales. Then the clothes are usually worn out by end of season or Im just tired of looking at them and buy new ones for everyone next season. I just went to the landsend site. They have some cute play dresses(my girls love them) maybe I can pass down dress *grin* thanks for the tip.
Not that you asked but I think a "day in the life" would be a fun post to read here at four plus four

laurie said...

I loved reading this conversation. And I love how you handled it. Your kids sound adorable, smart and loving.
And my five year old? Will talk anyone's ear off, too.

Zip n Tizzy said...

I love conversations like that. Apparently at 4 I asked my mom to come with me to the hospital when I had my baby. She was so touched until I said that I didn't think I'd be able to find my way home.

elena jane said...

omg, i love these conversations...they're SO with it!!
and yes, wait a while...i keep saying that too!!

Jody said...

This is adorable, and I love your answers!

Waiting is always good, right?

gwendomama said...

so glad you are back. and with those nuggets. awesome.

missed you.

Anonymous said...

bahahaha! I love it!!