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Feb 20, 2008

If I only knew they were so easy

On Saturday, we hit the local farmers market for some apples, strawberries (from San Diego- not so local, but good), and kiwi. We arrived shortly before folks were closing down for the day. We enjoyed the beautiful day and sauntered around (as much as possible with six kids running amuck). The kids were strawberry stained and filled up on some homemade tamales. As we made our way to the car we passed the bread stands and one of the guys offered us a couple of loaves for $6.00 instead of the usual $5.25 a piece. Note to self- Always go to farmers market late in the morning- I took him up on the offer as my kids clambered around the table ohhhing and ahhhing over one particular 'Leaf' loaf'. The kind man behind the table threw in this loaf for free and we were on our way. Not sure if he was intimidated by Gus wearing his Kung Fu Gi stained by strawberries, perhaps he thought they were blood stains and feared for his life, lest he hand over the coveted 'Leaf' loaf or the sheer number of little ones making noises at him. Either way, I was happy with the score.

On the short drive home the kids ate the 'Leaf' loaf. It was quiet and nice on the ride home. Always a good tip to remember- feed the children in the car, it keeps them quiet- you can always clean up the mess afterwards. Ice cream cones are particularly quiet inducing. Once home the other loaves were thrown to the counter to await their demise. I figured I'd make homemade croutons out of one and garlic bread out of the other. Garlic bread being one of the few foods that all my children will actually eat.

Sunday came and the loaves sat. Monday morning was a school holiday around these parts and the kids trickled down to eat breakfast. I try to cook something on weekend mornings since the week days are always cereal or toast, but this day the first child down requested a slice of the slightly stale bread and that was the snowball that released the avalanche. All morning, I cut bread. And that is what they ate. Only one requested butter. Who would've known?

I'm sure if I try it again- offering them sliced bread, plain, for breakfast, they will look at me as if I was crazy, and refuse.


MommyNay said...

mmmmm that musta been some good bread! My kids are like that--if my mom bakes any type of bread/muffin/roll with dinner they always want to eat the left overs for breakfast...weirdo's *grin*

gwendomama said...


we love the carbs.

so easy to make the bread - but much easier to buy it late at the FM!! good one.

Steph said...

Gotta love the farmer's market. I have also 'hit' them just before closing and gotten some great deals. If you're not so set on what you're getting it's great. They are ready to get rid of whatever's left.
Glad to see your kids enjoyed it so much.