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Jun 16, 2009

Shine on

It's been so long I had to sign in again...

I did it, I succumbed to the pressure to join facebook. I admit it, I was curious about the hype. Just wanted to check it out, see if I had any friends. Now, I can't get off. I play games, take stupid quizzes that tell me how I should lead my life, who I should marry, what kind of beer I am, how gay I am. It never stops. I think I just played three hours of bejeweled blitz- the whole time I was watching a movie and then for another hour after it was over. How do people make it over 50,000? They must play all day long or just get pretty damn lucky.

I have reacquainted myself with kids I knew in grammar school, folks from highschool, even a few from college and an old workplace. The names and faces float in and out- I read the sum up of their lives- "Gee, haven't seen you since we were 10, catch me up on the the last 30 or so years". How does one sum up 30+ years? Turns out, it's not that hard. Some people look exactly the same, others I barely recognize.

The odd part is that everyone is as I remember them. We don't really change a whole lot, do we? There are one or two surprises, but for the most part Liz is the same girl I played softball with when I was nine and ten.

In searching for old names I made the fatal "look for the ex's" bit. I found one for each of us (both Käri and myself) and the funny thing? Neither one answered back. Oh, they knew who I was. So, did they think I was some lunatic, after all these years, trying to get back in touch or were they scared, so very scared? It boggles me a bit. These were people we had relationships with 20 odd years ago. Haven't we all grown up? Kiss and make up, or at least be my facebook friend. How hard could it be to click "accept this friendship"?

Neither relationship ended with one of us hating the other. At least I didn't think so. Were there hurt feelings, sure. A surprise break up...kind of, yes. Was I a whack job for contacting them, probablly. But, I am genuinely curious about the lives they lead now. Are they not? Are people so easily dismissed- not forgotten- I am absolutely positive we were not forgotten and in my friendship request I was absolutely clear about who I was.

Hmmm...just food for thought.

I have replaced some of my blogging, both reading and writing with facebook and other amusements. Life has been full for many months, it seems. I had no room.
I miss it, but am not sure what will happen next.
This writing feels good.


This Mom said...

I just recently caved in to joining Facebook too, and find myself in the same place as you. I check it constantly all day long and take those same stupid quizzes. But I love it. I don't want to neglect my blog, but I'm having a hard time giving it my attention. Good luck!

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Facebook is the devil.

The newness wears off after a few months. I only check a couple of times a week, now.

Troy-Michelle Reinhardt said...

Your blog fans miss you! :-) How can we stalk you if you don't write? Funny about the ex connections - any I would know? I couldn't find any of mine... the list is sooooo long. :-) Just kidding.