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Feb 19, 2009

Dumping, a bit

This morning a school mom friend asked in passing "how are you?". This, following a discussion with our mortgage broker friend (another "school mom")about the state of the business these days- can we re-fi? Will we qualify with the market falling? Debt to loan ratios, the economy, the banks, the 'woe is me' that everyone is feeling these days.

And I dumped- at least a portion of the following-

Käri had surgery in October to remove some suspicious looking tumors on her thyroid- which ended up with a complete thyroid removal- biopsied to show cancer. It was all removed and no further treatment is needed- at least at this point. Money has become increasingly scarce. Käri's mom had to wait for the new year to get her hip replacement surgery okayed- some lovely insurance deal and is now fianlly scheduled for March 11th.. Over the long weekend, in the early morning hours of Valentines day, Käri's dad died, suddenly, but not unexpectedly. He has been in the Alzheimers wing at a local nursing home for almost 3.5 years. A young man by many standards. He would have been 74 in April- he was diagnosed at 57- displaying many symptoms for a few years before that. Too young. It appears that he died in his sleep from perhaps a heart attack or the Alzheimers... And then yesterday Käri had part of the inside of her cheek removed for a suspicious looking tumor. This was noticed on Tuesday during a regular dental cleaning and removed on Wednesday... biopsy results March 10th.

Ruby and Julia are both behaving as devils. And our newest canine addition (two years ago) is pregnant as a result of a good deed. Yes, irresponsible pet owners. We never got around to getting her spayed- Picked up a stray male unneutered puppy (just old enough, apparently) back in mid-February- successfully reunited with his owner 5 hours later, just enough time for a some donor insemination. And no, I had no idea Dixie was in heat- just lucky I guess. Yeesh. Now Dixie is provoking and attacking our old lady dog, drawing blood. So in order to prevent injury, I'm keeping them separated- fun times. Today I introduced a borrowed large kennel for Dixie. We'll see how it goes.

What else?

So many friends are losing jobs. It seems most everyone is on the brink of some financial hardship or another.

A blogging friend, who has already lost a husband, is welcoming a miracle baby into her life with the help of a new love, who has suddenly been diagnosed with Stage IV esophageal cancer.

I know in many ways we're lucky- very lucky. I'm just hoping our luck continues.

After Käri kills me for blabbing all this...


Troy-Michelle Reinhardt said...

Holy cow! First and foremost - I'm sending all my postive thoughts that Kari's biopsy is negative. I had no idea you guys were going through so much - I'm so so sorry to hear about Kari's dad. Strangely, a good friend of mine's dad died - in Chico a short time ago- the funeral was there on Valentine's weekend. I can't begin to imagine what that feels like for Kari or for my friend.

The only comfort I'm finding in the financial mess is that we're not alone - misery loves company and all that.

Put those puppies in a box, stand at the grocery store and they'll be gone in an hour! We have too many already or I'd take one - but could get the word out here if you need it - I know a frightenly large amount of dog lovers.

Hang in there - focus on that luck - it will continue. Thinking of you!!!!

laura said...

Sending positive thoughts your way, hoping things look up soon.

Anonymous said...

My husband has used this motto his whole life "It will all work out in the end." I still don't like to count on that to pull us through but so far it has. Keep up the positive attitudes and tell yourself "it will all work out in the end." You might just be amazed!! You are an amazing family!

Anonymous said...

It's good (and necessary) to get it out, so thank you for sharing with us. Positive thoughts to you and Kari (and everyone else)! One of my sayings is: If you're going through hell, KEEP GOING! Hang in there.

This Mom said...

You are all in my thoughts. This year can only go up right?

Anonymous said...

what a pile of poo. thank god the dentist was looking, sending my best cyberwishes for a huge sigh of relief on the 10th.

don't know you, but know from your blog how much love and fun you have in your family. Go have some more and it'll help you get through the rest of it (IMO).

(Safeway has thomas english muffins 2/$5 this week, RAGU for $1, and sale shredded cheese, make your own pizza and a movie night...)


Tracey said...

F#ck. You have way too much on your plate, hon.

All my love and prayers for good news regarding Kari. And that all the other problems just magically.... go away.

Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for good news for Kari.


Tricia said...

Took your idea and had that for dinner for the kids Saturday night! Thanks. Could you menu plan for me all the time?

laurie said...

Yikes! You do have more than your share of worries right now. Wishing you respite and double the good news in the coming days.

Kel said...

You can dump on me anytime. Just remind me to check in on blogland. Love you guys so much...

Zip n Tizzy said...

Wow Trisha that's a lot all at once.
I'm keeping you all in my thoughts and hoping for the best.
What I do know is that you are super Super and that you have a lot of love in your life. Hope the biopsy is benign and that things even out soon.

Kellie said...

I'm sorry for all your family is dealing with. Sending every good wish your way.

Anonymous said...

Sure, Trisha, I'll do what I can! This week the specials at Safeway weren't as conducive...Pepsi, butter, and raisin bran. HMMM. (but the $10 off the total of $50 was a sweet bonus).

Do y'all like tunafish? My fave kid comfort food is tunafish and rice...just tuna (white solid, typically on sale for $2) with some milk (1/2 cup?) and ever-lovin' cream of celery soup ($2) heated stovetop and poured on some white rice. Feeds 4-5. Good with potato chips. and PEpsi!

Hope things mellow out soon in your land,

jody said...

Holy cow! I missed most of February blog reading, and am catching up. My holy cow is how long the biopsy results are taking. Seriously March 10th? This kind of stuff ticks me off. Why should a patient have to wait almost a month to get biopsy results??!!

Hugs to you all, and my prayers too!!